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ABOUT Rocket Leathercraft

Hello! I am Jan Lloyd - owner and maker at RLC here in Montpelier, Vermont.


My style aims to be fun & different, colorful & fashionable yet functional. As a queer-identified person it is important to me to create unique items that help each of us shine.


I started making things over 15 years ago with my upcycled clothing line, Red Thread. Since then I've made everything from hats & bags, costumes, custom wedding dresses, to utility bags and cases. As a sex educator with my previous business, Rocket Erotic, I started making custom leather harnesses, cuffs and collars, and impact toys.


Recently, I decided to make this a full-time endeavor and built the line you see here today.

I welcome & enjoy custom projects! If you have something in mind and you'd like my help creating your vision, I'm excited to make that happen. For sizing, accessibility adjustments, or gender/identity affirming products -

Please send me a message!

Jan Lloyd  |

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