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Wear proudly this signature design - made with excellent craftsmanship and timeless style. This handmade leather chest harness  is crafted from genuine latigo leather, chose yours in black or brown. Elevate your look in the bedroom, or fashion over clothing.  Adjustable fit featuring two side buckles and four strategically placed O-rings - two at the front and two at the back. Complemented by your choice of antique brass or silver hardware. Each piece is expertly crafted to accentuate your individuality and enhance any ensemble. 

Andros Body Harness

Strap color
  • Each piece is made for REAL HUMANS. All you need is a soft fabric tape measure, and perhaps and extra set of helping hands...

    A) Measure Shoulder Strap placement:

    Measure from the center-chest where you want the O-ring to sit - around shoulder, to point in-between shoulder blades.

    B) Horizontal. Measure from center-chest O-ring spot (above point) to lower O-ring. Often this is the upper rib cage/high waist zone. So decide where you want the lower lateral strap to land. The back horizontal will be the same as front, no need to measure.

    C) Measure around your lateral strap area. High waist/upper rib cage.

    Questions? Email me and we can work it out!

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