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This cross-body pouch is an everyday must have! a.k.a Hip pouch, cross-body bag, or fanny pack. Measuring 9” x 6” - this flat easy-to-wear body pouch can be worn over or under your jacket – on your hip/waist, or across body. It can fit most phones, plus wallet, passport, keys, and whatever small items you need to carry with you regularly. Great for everyday use, and especially travel!

Cross-body travel pouch navy w/bolt

SKU: 217537123517253
  • Note: the leather color is navy blue and a very soft but durable hide. Comes with brown strap.

    The adjustable strap unclips to reverse-side wearing (strap belt end should hang from back), or to use as a handbag. Outside or inside pocket (refer to picture) to hold your phone, business cards, or other small items.

    CHOOSE YOUR STRAP MEASUREMENTS (in inches): Small (range 30”- 48”), Medium (35”-52”) and large (41”- 57”). Choose a size similar to your most common t-shirt size. OR Measure your body where you’d like to carry the bag: measure diagonally across torso and around back with a soft measuring tape. Measure around your waist or hip considering the layers you will wear. If you need a length outside of what I offer, please email me and I am happy to punch more holes or make a custom size belt for you.

    Choose your Strap style: See images. D-ring or buckle with matching metal hardware to pouch. 

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