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100% LEATHER suspenders to embellish your look, for any occasion. Use as a supplement or addition to belts—SUSPENDERS (aka BRACES) offer a stylish flair with function to boot!  

1" Suspenders/Braces

SKU: 364215376135191
  • High quality swivel clips, to clip on to the front and back belt loops of your pants - 3 strap style (so make sure your back loop is in the center). These braces are crafted from oil tan cow hide 4-5oz thickness, which is soft but sturdy. They are durable for real world work and play.  

    Available in brown or black leather, silver (nickel) or brass (plated nickel) hardware, and rounded or angular hardware (see images).

    HOW TO MEASURE FOR SUSPENDERS:  With a flexible tape measure, measure from your front hip belt loop over your shoulder down to your back middle belt loop (use listing image as a guide). Keep in mind that this measurement needs to account for a variance in different pants you will wear them with (i.e. a high waist or low waist pant). This measurement should correspond to one of our available size ranges.  Choose a size that your measurement will fall within. The adjustability should give you room for stretch, varying pants, layers, etc.

    Measurements (may vary slightly based on leather stretch or clip length):
    Small: 36” - 45”
    Med: 39”- 50” 
    Large: 44” - 55” 
    XL: 50 - 60”

    Need a size not in this range? Not sure which size to get? Please message me! I am happy to help!

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